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We accept referrals for assessments for medico-legal reports for people in immigration detention, who:

  • have experienced torture of extreme trauma and require clinical evidence of this to be documented
  • who have health problems (including mental health problems) which are deteriorating in detention.

Referrals are accepted from people in detention themselves, their legal representatives, family members, volunteer visitors, medical professionals and organisations supporting the detainee. There is no charge to make a referral to Medical Justice and we do not use agents or third parties to deal with referrals to Medical Justice.

We receive a lot of referrals and unfortunately cannot help all those who need help. We prioritise those people where a medical report is most likely to make a difference.

To refer yourself or your client/the person you are supporting please complete our online referral form. Please provide detailed information to allow us to consider your referral based on the information included in the form. Please also upload any relevant documents or email them to During busy times, we may not able to contact you (or the person you are referring) for further information before deciding whether to accept the referral.

If you are referring someone other than yourself, you will need to discuss the referral with the client and obtain their consent to refer them to us. Where there are concerns about the client’s capacity to make that decision please feel free to contact us to discuss.

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